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Appliance repair in Washington, Washington, D.C.

Frontdoor Pro pairs you with a local, 经过审查的专业人员将帮助保持您家中电器的工作秩序.

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Find your service in Washington DC, 看看前期价格和高度评价的独立服务专家.
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Appliance repair in Washington with same-day service

  • 告诉十大菠菜靠谱平台哪个设备可能需要一些工作,问题似乎是什么.
  • 十大菠菜靠谱平台的承包商会在你选择的两小时内到达你家,这样你的设备就会很快修好.

Be certain your devices are working properly all year-round.

学生们从玛丽蒙特大学和其他大学回家, 孩子们放学了,这就给你的电器增加了更多的工作.

无论你是在岩石溪公园度过漫长的一天后指望冰箱里的点心,还是在周末露营旅行后用洗衣机和烘干机清洗所有的毛巾和衣服, your appliances have to be ready. 华盛顿特区的夏天炎热潮湿,但下雨天别忘了你的烘干机. When the weather is nice, 你可能会打开冰箱举办烧烤,或者穿上远足的衣服在岩石溪公园散步. 华盛顿的家电维修可以帮助你在一天的探索后保持冰箱的最佳状态,洗衣机的运转可以洗掉污垢.

While it’s essential to keep all your appliances running smoothly, some are more prone to seasonal wear and tear than others. 夏季和冬季的温度会对电器造成额外的压力, 但即使是春天的平均温度为59华氏度,秋天的平均温度为62华氏度,也会影响家电的性能.

让专业人士检查一下你的电器总是一个好主意, no matter what time of year it may be. 定期维护可以帮助延长你的电器的寿命,并防止昂贵的维修. 说到家用电器,安全总比后悔好. 如果您在华盛顿需要电器维修或服务,请与十大菠菜靠谱平台联系. We're here to help you maintain an efficient home year-round.

We make it simple to find appliance repair service in Washington.

With Frontdoor Pro's professional appliance repair, 你可以不去当地的五金店寻找修理设备的工具和零件. 只要选择你想要维修的电器,并要求专业人员到你在华盛顿的家来.

Next thing you know, one of our professionals who have a 4.该地区657个工作岗位的平均评分为46星,将在您的家中工作.
  • The repairman gave us excellent service. 他马上就知道器具出了什么毛病,并解释得很清楚. He ordered a new piece and returned the next day for the repair. He was fast, but thorough. We are extremely pleased with the service. Thank you!
    Martine W., Washington DC
  • Frontdoor Pro was great! The technician called when he was 1/2 hour out, then arrived on time, quickly diagnosed and fixed the problem. He was courteous, efficient, and competent. The price was right too. 如果我将来有任何家电维修的需要,我一定会寻求Frontdoor Pro的帮助. Thank you!
    Leslie H., Washington DC

We're standing by, ready to serve you.

A home warranty protects your budget and your appliances.


十大菠菜靠谱平台适用于那些想要确信他们的设备全年工作的房主. They're not insurance, 而是一份为期一年的服务协议,帮助你支付修理电器的费用.

Home Warranties Start As Low As

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On average, home warranty plans cost from $500 to $700 per year. Our plans begin as low asper month.
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Average Cost to Repair Without a Home Warranty in Washington, DC

维修/更换成本范围是美国的百分之二十和百分之八十.S. 成本报告的房主的电器和家庭系统服务经验的研究, ClearVantage于2019年对房主进行的一项全国性调查 . Further reproduction or use is expressly prohibited.

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    Appliance repair in Washington FAQ

    The price to repair appliances can change by age, brand, and type. In Washington, average repair costs $227.74. 例如,Kenmore电器的维修成本比其他制造商要低. 需要维修的最普遍的机器是冰箱、烘干机、洗碗机和炉灶.
    Our washer repairs in Washington end up costing between $100 and $200. Depending on the model, a new washing machine can cost as much as $2,000, depending on make and model. Kenmore washers and dryers are the most popular repairs in Abingdon, followed by Frigidaire, Samsung, and LG.
    Leaks are the most prevalent problems with water heaters. 随着热水器的老化,水会腐蚀水箱并造成小裂缝. If the water is leaking by the cold water inlet or hot water outlet, 你可以通过简单地使用管道扳手和拧紧联轴器来修复泄漏. Kenmore water heaters are the most repaired in the Abingdon area, with new water heaters typically costing between $1,000 to $3,000.
    Refrigerator repair in Washington is often between $100 and $200, purchasing a new fridge, however, costs somewhere between $1,000 and $2,000. 还有一件事要记住的是,肯莫尔冰箱是阿宾顿地区最常见的品牌.

    Stand-alone fridges work best for about 12 years, while built-in refrigerators can cost more but last longer, 所以如果你有一个独立的模型大约12年,有磨损的迹象, you should purchase one instead of repairing it. 在阿宾顿地区,Kenmore冰箱是维修频率最高的品牌.
    Some people can diagnose and fix dryer issues themselves. 烘干机可能在各种领域和功能上遇到问题——从滚筒不转到烘干机不启动. 你可能会注意到你的干衣机现在需要很长时间才能烘干一大堆衣服,或者它变得太热了. 在你开始自己动手修理之前,诊断出确切的问题是很重要的. If you choose not to do it yourself, 你会在华盛顿找到很多合格的专业人士来维修你的烘干机.

    如果你了解一些基本知识,就更容易找到问题所在:大多数烘干机都是用滑轮和皮带驱动滚筒的电机运行的. Air that's gas- or electric-heated is pushed through the drum. Timed thermostats control heat and speed. 如果问题不是电机的一部分,许多(如果不是大多数)烘干机也有一个重新启动按钮,可以使事情运行, switches, or electrical system. If you are having trouble diagnosing the issue, it may be time to contact a dryer repair professional in Washington.

    When breakdowns happen, we can help.